Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Coverage

Medically Insured Services:

  • By BC Medical Services Plan
    • Children 19 years of age or younger
    • Adults over the age of 65
    • Any medically related red eye or injury
    • Extra testing for those with or being screened for glaucoma may be partially or fully covered
    • With partial coverage for those with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration requiring more regular eye exams
  • By Supplemental Insurance or Employee Health Benefits
    • Many plans include coverage for regular eye tests every 1-2 years through their Health Benefits with additional coverage for glasses or contacts through their Supplemental Vision Benefits. Check with your provider for individual coverage details
  • Other Insurance Options
    • Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Great West Life
    • Pacific Blue Cross
    • Green Shield
    • First Nations Health Authority
    • RCMP
    • Ministry of Human Resources (MHR) for those on disability or Low-Income Assistance

Services Eye Clinic

New Westminster Optometry Clinic provides great service in a comfortable environment, as well as convenient location and hours. Our optometrists and opticians provide the highest level of personalized services, from eye exams and follow-up care, to frame and lens consultations.


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Insurance Coverage

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